About Torq Corporation

TORQ Corporation is the leader in centrifugal switch design for single-phase electric motors for more than 70 years. TORQ Corporation was originally incorporated in 1948 as Torq Electric, a manufacturer of electric motors. The founder developed a unique switching mechanism for controlling the auxiliary start-winding of single-phase electric motors. The quality and performance of the TORQ Syncrosnap® Centrifugal switch were recognized and sought after by other motor manufacturers. These switches were so superior to other alternatives that virtually all leading motor manufacturers began buying switches from TORQ. TORQ’s engineers became specialists in centrifugal switch design. Switch design is the core competency and focus of TORQ Corporation and we continue to be the leader in switch design and performance. All TORQ Syncrosnap® Centrifugal switches and TORQ Speedetex® Speed Switches are manufactured in the USA.


Why Motor Manufacturers choose TORQ switches

  • Superior life expectancy
  • Crisp snap-action of the mechanism in a tightly controlled range.
  • Eliminates creeping, chattering, and reduces arcing of contacts
  • Many choices for speed at which the mechanism operates
  • Made in USA
  • Reduced warranty cost
  • Prevents premature failure and impaired operation with free-floating, friction-less actuator
  • Slim switch design allows for shortest motor stack
  • Recognized around the world for superior durability and performance

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About Torq Corporation  About Torq Corporation