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ZSS Zero Speed Switch


The TORQ Speedetex® Zero Speed Switch is used in bulk material handling/processing systems to monitor speeds of belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, rotary feeder shafts, rotating drums and other types of rotating machinery to protect elevators, feeders and conveyors from speed related damage resulting from broken belts, overloads, or belt slippages.

ZSS Zero Speed Switch panel


  • Bucket Elevators
  • Bulk material handling
  • Chemical processing
  • Conveyor systems (all types)
  • Food processing
  • Foundries
  • Mining Equipment
  • OEM applications
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Power Plants
  • Rotary Airlocks
  • Saw Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Special machinery



    • Cast aluminum and steel housing
    • 5/8" shaft with double race ball bearings
    • Only one moving part
    • Operates reliabily in "hostile" environments
    • Trouble-free solid-state circuitry
    • Either AC input/output or DC input/output as specified
    • Available with flange or base mount
    • Fast reponse (1/16 or 1/60 turn depending on model)
    • Output Status indicator
    • Start up delay in zero speed "on" mode



The output logic is selectable to be "on" or "off" in the alarm mode as set by the user. If set for zero speed "on" at start up, there will be an 8 second pre-start delay before the switch operates, to allow for equipment start up. If the pre-start delay time is exceeded before 1.1 RPM (1.2 RPM @ 1/60 turn response option) is reached, the unit will go into alarm. The relay will de-energize and the N.C. contacts will be closed. This will also occur at a power failure.

If the output logic is selected "off" the relay will energize, and teh N.C. contacts will open until 1 RPM is exceeded. This condition will remain until the speed of the ZSS drops below .9 RPM, (.8 RPM @ 1/60 turn response option) when the N.C. contacts will open.

Options available are 1/60 turn response and supply voltages.



Input Power - Options 120 VAC and 240 VAC ± 10% 50/60 HZ
12-15 VDC, 22-30 VDC, and 100-130 VDC
Output Power 10.0 amps contact rating @ 250 VAC/30 VDC
Zero Speed 1 RPM
Prestart Delay 8 seconds (zero speed "ON" mode)
Power Failure Protection Goes into alarm state
Zero Speed Reset Hysteresis 10% (for 1/16 turn response)
20% (for 1/60 turn response)
Zero Speed Output logic selectable to "on" or "off" by pushbutton
Continuous Running Speed 5000 RPM Maximum
Direction of Rotation Either - no effect
Shaft Torque Required 4 oz. in. (.0029 Kg Meter)
Radial Load 50 Lbs. (22.7 Kg) Maximum
Bearing Life 10,000 HR @ 5000 RPM (Lower with radial side load)
Operating Temp Range -22°F to 150°F (-30°C to 66°C)
Case Construction NEMA 4
Shipping Weight 4 Lbs. (1.8 Kg)

Custom Modifications available such as special shaft machining, diameters, mounting, finishes, supply.

ZSS Speed Switch Foot Mount

ZSS Speed Switch Flange Mount

Select options from the nomenclature below to order.

ZSS Speed Switch Nomenclature

Send your specifications to for a quotation today.





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